Monday, December 14, 2009

Jeff and Beth (& their "kids")

It's always a new challenge for me when I get the chance to photograph people with their pets. I love a challenge, so this was great. Not just 1 puppy, but 2. My arm waving didn't quite work with little Mulligan (the basset hound). He's blind. And Cassie (the boxer) is as far from blind as you can get. She was interested in checking out everything that moved nearby. Maybe it was the fake meow's or barking that got their attention? At least it worked for the people. I was excited for the end result. Plus, you can't get a bad picture of Jeff and Beth. Beth, thank you for being one of my very best customers. I hope you like your sneak peek.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Newborn Mela

Oh my gosh! I forgot how tiny little baby newborns are and oh so cute! I had the honor today of visiting with Nathan, Monica, and Mela for Mela's first photo shoot. Mela is a little less than 1 week old. She was such a sweetie. Thank you so much Monica and Nathan, for inviting me into your home for such a precious time in your lives. You sure have a little angel. I these photos bring a smile to your face like they did mine.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Melia's Christmas

This morning I captured some shots of my favorite model, my daughter, Melia. We always try to get some photos for Christmas cards. I can't believe how much a little girl can change in just one year. Just for fun, I will post one from last year at the end. Hope you are having a happy holiday season!